The New RE:view

The New RE:view logo.The words "The New" are in white text, while the letters "RE" are capitalized in black text. There is a colon, and then the word "view" is inside of a magnifier. Underneath the magnifier states "A Journal of Practice."

The New RE:view–A Journal of Practice (TNR) has launched! 

Read the inaugural issue here.

The New RE:view is intended for professionals, people with visual impairments, their families, and anyone who works with them. It follows in the footsteps of the historic journal RE:view, which was discontinued in 2008. In its new incarnation, this peer-reviewed journal will become a dynamic professional resource that will address key questions of our work.

The New RE:view will offer opportunities for learning and problem solving among professionals. This journal of practice will highlight the work of practicing professionals and university educators who can offer their experiences to others seeking solutions for learning challenges. Although The New RE:view is not specifically a research journal, articles considered for publication must demonstrate evidence that supports the author’s work.

If you have good ideas for learning but have never put them into writing, this is the time and the place! An Associate Editor working with reviewers from the field will provide feedback to ensure that your writing is effective. If your work is accepted for publication, the TNR editorial team will work with you in making your message clear.

We have initiated a Call for Papers so start now thinking of practices and topics you could—and should—share with your colleagues. Perhaps you already have a manuscript or an idea that you would like to submit. TNR is eager to hear from you!

Visit this page often to learn more about The New RE:view and how you can become a contributor.